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The big re-branding

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Bramhall Blenkharn Leonard, when we thought Bramhall Blenkharn was a mouthful!

But yes, the practice is entering a new era with the appointment of Oliver Leonard as an equal share director, and Tris Terry as an Associate. Oliver re-joined us some 18 months ago as a Project Architect, having gained experience with two other practices in the county, and Tris has been with us now for 14 years and is a key member of the team. Together, Oliver and Tris bring a real dynamic to the practice, bringing creativity and rigour to the many and varied projects that we work on.

Oliver Leonard (left) becomes a Director in the practice and Tris Terry (right) becomes an Associate

Both are hugely talented and committed to shaping the practice for the future - to ensure that as Bramhall Blenkharn Leonard, we continue to be one of the leading practices in Yorkshire. It is an exciting time in the development of the practice and we are grateful for the contribution they both bring.

Congratulations to both.

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