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completion date:

September 2018

Bootham House

York, North Yorkshire

Described as a truly exceptional contemporary house, the state-of-the-art new build house is located in Bootham only a short walk from York city centre. The property is located in City of York's Historic Core Conservation Area No.1. 

The design intent was to create an exemplar sustainable dwelling in a tight city centre site, utilising a holistic approach to sustainability through design, building technology and materials..

The project involved successfully obtaining planning permission for demolition in the conservation and erection of a new property on the site. The new building is built on the site of the former house, but involved raising the roof levels and significant areas of contemporary glazing. 

The project has technology at the heart and includes Rako light system, Sonos sound, smart opaque glass, electric blinds and fully zoned underfloor heating. 

photography by Jim Varney

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