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FloCoe Interiors

Just a few miles outside of York, FloCoe design and make unique, beautiful, interiors. With Flo’s background in graphic design and growing up with photographer parents, she has a wonderful eye for design ; from more traditional styles with a unique touch, to more modern, contemporary ideas, she is passionate about creating stunning spaces. Phil Coe is a skilled cabinet maker, and heads up a small team in their workshop ; they work well together to explore what is possible in both woodworking and design.

I was warmly welcomed out of the cold April drizzle by Flo, Phil, and their dog Arthur. Their showroom office is testament to their hard work and eye for design, having taken up the space two years ago. Prior to this they had been working from home with the workshop down the road ; Phil and Flo’s home really was the launch pad for the company, showcasing their vision and skill throughout. Whilst Flo does the majority of designing, she works with Phil and his team to explore new ways of working the wood, and is not afraid to get hands-on herself.

Both the showroom and workshop are exciting places to visit ; being able to see a range of finished articles and “works in progress” really is inspiring, and reiterates just how bespoke their service is. They use high quality materials to ensure longevity, taking extra measure recently in provide further flood proofing to work carried out on a property near the river at high risk of flooding. They were unfortunate enough themselves to suffer a flood in the showroom last winter, however all that was required was a brush down and clean up. The only lasting flood damage is to one of their own working stools. Flo suggested she ought to get around to sanding this down, but I feel it only added a subtle touch of how hard this couple have worked to establish a high end interiors service. Their cabinets show no damage despite a foot of flood water, fantastic evidence of the quality you can expect from them.

FloCoe Interiors

Marcon Industrial estate

Rice lane


YO60 7PZ

Phil 07853382813 or Flo 07584070832

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