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Para 80 Planning Approval

We are pleased to have secured planning approval for a new house in the open countryside under the Paragraph 80 planning policy in the NPPF.

Para 80 new house in the open countryside

The concept is a sculptural response to ‘glacial drift’, a geological process that has resulted in the deposit and scattering of stones across the site. The design interprets this a loose arrangement of masonry blocks forming a seemingly random composition with dramatic asymmetric roof forms.

Landscape design has been key to the project from the outset and the composition of the architectural elements creates a series of distinct external rooms that respond to the wider landscape and the passage of light around the site. The wider landscape design augments the existing woodland with an extensive planting scheme and wildflower meadow to graduate the formal landscape areas with the context.

Site plan Para80 Para79 new country house

As part of the process towards approval the project underwent a series of rigorous independent design reviews and pre-application consultations with the local authority. It was designed from the outset to a fully resolved landscape and environmental strategy.

Para80 and Para79 new house aerial view

The project was recommended for approval by the case officer and approved at planning committee, the case officer report commented , “In Officers view, the scheme is of an outstanding design. Creativity in the design is underpinned by a strong narrative which explains the design concept and resulting aesthetic shape, form and function. The proportions of the buildings and building group and the siting and arrangement of the buildings are entirely appropriate for the size of the site, its topography, features and existing sense of seclusion. The proposed materials are considered to reinforce the bold design and provide a contemporary vernacular that helps to root the building into its local rural context.”

Para79 and Para80 house plan new isolated house in the country

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